The World is Full of Unusual Things

Some of these things just seem different, make us think for a moment, or just a little scared.  Old houses you remember as a kid.  That book you stayed up all night to read, then could not sleep for the next 2 weeks because you were afraid to close your eyes.  That weird feeling when you are walking home alone at night.  Most of the time it is just our imagination working in overdrive.  Sometimes it is not.

We are not going to dwell on those.  We are just going to lay down the unusual stuff – websites, books, places, and any thing else we can find that is stylish.


Unusual Things - Place of Links


The WOW Signal – Could there be life out there or are we really alone.  Interesting that we would hear this once then never again.  This link takes you to a Youtube mini-documentary that talks about the signal.   Here is the actual WOW signal that you can listen to.  You be the judge.


last words air crashes - place of links


Last Words Before Airplane Crash – Ok, tried not to be too creepy.  But here are transcripts from the last words before the airplane crashed.  A little dry since you have to read.



Births and Deaths - Place of Links


Births and Deaths – Not that this is an unusual site, but it shows births and death rates from around the world.  Kind of cool to see what is happening in the world.  It takes some time to load so be patient.


Unusual things built by man | Place of links


10 Very Unusual Things – These are ten unusual things that have been built by man.  I guess we have a lot of time on our hands.


future-lost-civilizations | Place of Links


10 Lost Civilizations – Here is a start for some of the more famous civilizations that have left us.  Each one was unique and some we really do not know why they disappeared.


Future 7 Man Made Objects - Place of Links


7 Man-Made Structures – So societies disappear, sometimes what they built is left behind for us to wonder – How did they do that?


20 Unusual Things - Place of Links


20 Unusual or Weird Things – Really cool site that list 20 things that are unusual or unique.  Just shows an image and short description.  You will need to search on your own, if you want to know more.


Altas Obscura Place of Links


Altas Obscura – all kinds of cool, unusual, and interesting stuff to find and read.  Covers a wide range of topics.  If you are traveling, lists all kinds of hidden attractions from around the world.  You can become a member and add places, events, etc..  Take you time and enjoy.


unusual articles from Wikipedia - place of links


Wikipedia Unusual Articles – Not the best screenshot, but here is Wikipedia with its own list of unusual article.  Full of images and lots of links to highly unusual information from around the world.  It will take some time to go through all these listings.


121 Weird Facts - Place of Links


121 Facts on Weird Things – I did not count it, but here are 121 facts about weird things.  Slideshow presentations.  Information covers a wide range of topics.