Was looking for information on a particular subject, but found more than we bargained for.  In addition to what we were looking for, there was all kinds of other things our there that did not relate to what we were looking for.   Some of it is very interesting, and some of it is insane.  You could use the term “cool”, but may be not.

So we are going to present all kinds of information on this page.  Some of it will be related to finding work, other will just be plain interesting stuff.  We may break from our format and just list links, like we did a long time ago, since there really is a lot of information.

unusual music site - place of links


Cool Music – This site is from a music producer in France.  Kind of cool music – techno – you can define what music will sound like.



a soft murmur - place of links


A Soft Murmur –  Now this is a cool site.  You can play all these noises while you sit on your computer.  If you want to get away from it all for a while.



Climbing Mt. Everest - Place of Links


Mt. Everest in 3D – You too can climb Mt. Everest (and not in your dreams).  Very cool simulation that allows you up the mountain.



faces of facebook - place of links


Every Facebook User – This is kind of a creepy site.  Each of the tiny little pixels represents a Facebook user.  If you click on it, the faces are revealed.


buzzfeed - place of links


Buzzfeed has turned into the site for teens and somewhat older.  Mix of all kinds of interesting and weird information.



see how things work - place of links


How Things Work – See how things work through graphics.



jackson pollard drawing - place of links


Paint Like Jackson Pollard – Ever think that you can be an artist – like jackson pollard?  Well now you can.  some what addictive.  Speed determines size of dots and clicking the mouse changes the colors.  You experiment.


Make some noise - place of links


Incredibox – Make some noise with this site (incredibox).  You can create your own band.



Falling Falling - Place of Links


Falling Falling – Okay.  This came from a website of useless websites.  It is called Falling Falling.  Just a bunch of square colored pages falling backwards.  Can get a little ill if you watch too long.


All Day Reading - Place of Links


Interesting Stuff All Day – Want to read interesting stuff all day long (or night).  Then check out this site, lots of interesting articles to read.