No News is Good News

Everyone like news, definitely not all the same types, but you have to be careful now in what is being said. News sometimes gets a bias because others want to influence us. It is hard sometimes to get all sides of a story. Here are a number of alternative sites to try see the bigger picture.

One thing you need to remember, even with Alternative News Sites, some of the news items can contain bias in some form or another.  Sometimes not intentionally.    You need to get in the habit of consulting several news sites regarding a particular news item you maybe very interested in.  That may seem like a lot of work, just to get some information, and it is initially.  But after a while you will know several sources that you can go to quickly and get a round picture of what is going on.




China Morning Post – Interesting news paper from China that give a lot of happenings in China and the world.  Ran into this by chance.



Alternative News Real News Network


The Real News – Lots of interesting news articles fashioned on an interview format.  Use care with some of these articles.



alternative news alternative news site


Alternative News – Large selection of news items.  Seem to be well written and cover a large number of topics.



Alternative News Sleuth Journal


The Sleuth Journal – Unusual news site.  Not familiar with this site, read a few article, appears informed.  A little hard to navigate, and the same articles appear in several places.  You will have to decide if this is for you.



Alternative News Science Site


Graham Hancock – This site presents mostly scientific news.  Articles are well written and in some cases very short – just the facts ma’ am.  Appears to be based on the site author also selling his novels.  Other things to select as well – blog,  articles, etc.



Alternative News Mother Jones


Mother Jones – This is a very slick site that presents a very good variety of information.  I have read a number of articles here and they appear to be well written and researched.  You will have to development your judgement on this one.


Alternative news Quartz


Quartz – Interesting news site.  Lots of varied information.  Large format. Annoying screen refresh though.



Alternative News Counter Currents


Counter Currents – Lots of information presented from around the world.  But with this large range of items, keep an open mind on what you read.



Alternative News AlterNet – Lots of information here.  Lots of individual writers so get different views on what is happening in the world.



Alternative News Mathaba – Plain Jane site but contains lots of information from all over the place.  Some doom and gloom, but other useful articles.