Have you ever started to look into something and then found out that you had no idea what some of the concepts were or the idea presented was different from what you thought (even though you when to college or are a generally really smart person).  Then you went to Google to try and find out what the concept was, and ended up even more confused.  Welcome to the club.  The Internet is so full of information now, that you get hundreds of descriptions for the same thing, and they are all a little different in their meaning.  How confusing can this be.

To try and help you out a little in this situation, I will try and present sites that give a really good explanation for certain topics we use everyday.  I read a lot and am always searching for things that pertain to my life, so I run across a lot of buried information.  Now I want you to know that in many cases, there is a lot of additional information present that may be overkill to what you are looking for, but hidden in all that information, is the small gem that you are looking for.  We will try and point out what you are looking for within all the information that is presented.  What does that mean?  If the information that you need is in the first two paragraphs, I could say the first two paragraphs relate to this topic.  Now you are free to read all the information on the site and see if it helps you in other areas.

While there was a lot said here, the examples that we find will hopefully be able to help you rethink how you looked at the information that was presented to you.  I hope this section helps you.

101 Useful Websites

101 Most Useful Sites – Here is a collection of useful websites that present many extras like finding an icon, education, watch movies, make charts, pick random number, and on and on.  Some of it maybe very useful, some not so much, but you will most likely find something that you need.



33 amazing and useful websites - placeoflinks


33 amazing websites – from Buzzfeed, here is a collection of websites to create disposal email addresses, math, create a fake name, look for airline tickets, and lots more.


29 Incredibly Useful Sites - Placeoflinks

29 Incredibly Useful Sites – It appears that everyone likes to bundle useful sites.  Here is another group of useful sites.  There is probably some overlap between these sites.  You will need to go through the list, but there are some cool things here.



70 most useful sites on the internet - placeoflinks


70 Most Useful Sites – Ok, this is the last list, too many of these things.  Probably some overlap but, I liked the search engine – duckduckgo.com.  See what you find.


Struggling to learn a language - placeoflinks


Duolingo – Struggling to learn a new language, this site is for you and its free.



Compute what can be computed - placeoflinks


WolframAlpha – Want to analyze facebook data, know about Albert Einstein, find units of measure, the list is endless.  Then this is the place for you, a huge database of knowledge.


Do you like to read - placeoflinks


What Should I Read Next – Do you still read, do you have a hard time finding your next book, then this is the place for you.



Clean out those old manuals - placeoflinks


Manual Library – I am guilty of this.  I keep every manual of a device I have ever owned, even the ones that are now gone (VHS manual).  Maybe some a worth something now.  If not get rid of it. Here you will find every manual online.


Don't miss the best part again - placeoflinks


RunPee – Find that every time you have to go at the Movies, you miss the best part of the movie, this will help you.  Tells you when the boring part of the movie comes up so you can take your time going to the restroom.


old versions of software - placeoflinks


Oldversion – more for the techies.  You just upgraded to the latest software and nothing works.  The old version was fine, but you can’t get back.  Well no longer, Oldversion will help you find that version of software that used to work.