If you have a new website link that you would like us to look into and consider for addition to our website or our database, send it to us using this form.  Please know that we will not accept any site that deals with the following issues:

  • Pornography
  • Themes of Hate
  • Racism
  • Drug Use
  • Criminal Activity
  • Use of Profanity

There are lots of other gray areas, but you get the point.  It may take us a while before we post the link on the site or include it in our database.  We will also try and respond back to you with an answer if you site was selected or not.  We thank you so much for help make this site a sort of mini repository of website information.

The form below outlines what we will need from you.  The required fields must be filled in order to submit.  If you do not submit a description, we will create one.  If you do submit a description, we may add additional information as we see fit.

Your name, email address, and the website URL are the only required fields on this form, everything else is up to you.  There is a field for a title,  category, description, and image URL for an image you would like to show up for your link (if left blank we will use a screen shot of the website).  If you leave these fields blank, we will fill them in for you based on the site that you supply us.