Those Spooky, Scary, Abandoned Places

As we progress through history, we build things based on needs, events that are happening, or the people that are in power at the time.  When we look back, a lot of those things don’t exist any more, we torn them down to make way for a new highway or building.  But, there are a lot of places that we just left behind, forgotten to the world.  Abandoned from the world.

These are haunting, beautiful, and scary places with lots of secrets.  Most of us don’t even know they are there, let alone have the opportunity to see them.  But, there is a band of intrepid explorers who seek these places out and document them for us, through them we get to see all these cool place.

Now you can enjoy these long lost gems.


Abandoned Japanese Relics of the Past
Michael John Grist – This is a very cool blog by Michael John Grist, who is an accomplished author as well.  Here he has detailed a number of very cool relics of the past around Japan. Excellent picture quality.



Abandoned Psych Hospital New York
Abandoned NYC – Brought to you by Abandoned NY.  Lots of cool, spooky images from an abandoned psychiatric hospital in New York City.



Beautiful Abandoned Places


Martin Vaissie – Interesting and cool selection of abandoned places around Europe by Martin Vaissie.  See all of them in their faded glory.



More cool Martin Vaissie Image


Flickr – From Martin Vaissie’s Flickr account,  another selection of more abandoned places that are haughtly photographed.



Abandoned Buildings Viewed by Curbed – When you first enter the website, a large advertisement will show, you have to scroll down to start a large selection of all kinds of abandoned places by Curbed. Well laid out and images are great. Have fun looking.





River Front Times – See what happens when you stop shopping at your favorite mall.  This was one of the early malls in the US, first opened in 1957.  Times are always changing, so things do not stay as they used to be.



Forgotten Detroit


Forgotten Detroit – Haunting images of what Detroit used to look like.  Even once great cities can fall into disrepair.  It is a shame what these images show us now.  A simple basic site, under each category is the name of the property that is being presented.



Ruins of Detroit City


DetroitYes – Another site that has more heart-breaking images of the end of the beautiful buildings in Detroit.  Click on the main image to start the tour, after that you can keep clicking on the images to progress.  All the other buttons on the page work, but not the way we think, so you will have to play around a little.



Abandoned building and their history


Opacity – This is a really cool site, it has a very large selection of abandoned places to chose from, but with a bit of a twist.  There are general few images of the current abandoned building, but there is a history of the building with a number of images of what it looked like in the past.



Creepy Abandoned Places

Urban Ghosts Media – A very nice site that lists a selection of very creepy places to visit. Site is fairly basic but rewarding with a number of images and short description.  You will have to scroll through the site to see the images, at the end you can select the next group.