Welcome to the Place of Links Home

A new and exciting time, a new Place of Links web site is being born to take you away to all kinds of wonderful and unusual information.  You may remember us from the past.  We used to run a very simple web site that listed lots of links to all kinds of different pages.  Later categories were added (generally a new page), that followed a specific pattern based on a list – like the top 50 web sites for 2008.  The old site was up for a long time, but unfortunately we did not update it very often (we apologize for that).  The old site languished for a few years.

Place of Links Past

All those years ago we did not worry about SEO, though we should have.  To make a long story short, I think over a period of 5 to 6 years, maybe 500 people visited the site.  But we didn’t care, we were just having fun dumping links to wonderful and weird sites.  We had a link on the site if people wanted to get information about our hosting service. After a few years they asked us to take it off since not one person click on it.  Pathetic.  Those were the days.  They are long past now.  Everything today is about speed, how many eyeballs or likes I am getting, and it I can come up with the next “Facebook”.

Place of Links Future

Now we are starting a new journey with our site.  We want a new look and have the site easier to get around with fewer categories to worry about.  Instead of page after page of links, we want to try something a little different.  We want to construct a type of database, that will store all the link information and associated information, such a title, short summary, etc.  This way it is going to be way easier to find what you are looking for.  This idea is still being developed so it is not going to be on this site initially, but will be as soon as we put the meat on it.