Interesting Times

We live in very interesting times, but are they any different than the past.  Different people and places, but has anything really changed.  Since recorded time, we as people have changed very little, the technology around has, but we still do all the crazy things we did a thousand years ago.

There are a great many cool website out there.  On this page we are going to touch a just a few, that a sense of coolness (but that is in the eye of the beholder as well).



Of Interest Zero Hedge


Zero Hedge – Site is focused on the financial industry but touches on lots of other things.  Has a bit of a doom and gloom side, but information is very good.



of interest russell sage foundation


Russell Sage – Here is an altruistic site that wants to improve the lives of all Americans.  We all try to do good, sometimes it does not work out the way we expect.



of interest national priorities what we spend


National Priorities – This site tracks the spending on national security.  All our current wars and other issues.  Some on education and environment.  This is not the home page, just one that is interesting.  The rest of the site has lots of information.


of interest internet archive of free things


Archive.Org – This web site has a very extensive collection of free things – books, movies, music, software, etc.  You will have to take your time going through all of it.



of interest way back machine


Way Back Machine – Part of the Internet Archive web site is the Way Back Machine, you can search for old websites that may no longer be around or ones that have changed.  What it really shows is a cached page that was captured some time in the past.  Very Cool.


of interest billfold financial info


BillFold – Interesting site on helping you manage your finances.  Some of the articles are funny, but there is a lot of good information here.



of interest feedly aggregator


Feedly is an aggregator for research, marketing, and sales information.  Lots to information to review.  Can start for free.



of interest project gutenberg


Gutenberg.Org – Site has all kinds of books to read and other things.  If you like older books and classics this is the place.  And the great part, its all for free.



of interest incredibox time user


Incredibox – You can make up your own band and play some really cool stuff.  Real time waster.



of interest stumbleupon


StumbleUpon – This is a cool site, you can find out all kinds of things.  Have to be a member to use it, but membership is free.